Sermon Illustrations

When my son was 3 years old he was sitting in his room. We could hear his frustrated voice coming from his room. The vocal frustration grew and grew until finally his mom went to see what the problem was.

She walked in the room and saw my son sitting before a pile of blocks on the floor. She watched as he very carefully and meticulously stacked one on top of the other. The pile grew and began to take shape. The blocks began to tilt ever so slightly until the last layer was placed on top. The blocks came tumbling down.

Mom went over and explained how the carpet was uneven and would move depending on the weight of the load. She explained to him that what he lacked was a solid foundation. She very lovingly and quietly went and got a large book from his collection as he sat pondering her words.

She told him to begin building again this time on the book. He began stacking the blocks again and he began to get very excited. The blocks to his amazement stayed in place. From then on, he would leave them standing in his room for weeks on end. They stayed up because they began with a solid foundation.

As we begin to look at the New Year we too need to start on a solid foundation. Don’t call and ask advice of your friends, don’t seek out the sympathetic ears, go before Almighty God so you start with a Solid foundation in Christ. Seek out His will for your life and for the church.