Sermon Illustrations

Last Sunday, I was truly blessed. Some of you know, that I was battling with high blood pressure during Sunday School and Church. I had a headache. My vision was a little blurred. And, I felt all-around lousy.

Up until last Sunday, I had denied having high blood pressure.

· I know high blood pressure runs in my family. But, I denied it!

· I know that African-Americans are more prone to high blood pressure. But, I denied it!

· I knew that being overweight increased the risk of high blood pressure. But, I denied it!

· I knew the doctors and nurses had told me my blood pressure was high. But, I denied it!

I denied my families history, my racial predisposition, my natural feelings and even the expertise of the doctor. Why? Because I didn’t want to believe I had high blood pressure. High blood pressure is what happens to other people, but not me!

· I’m too young!

· I don’t add salt to my food!

There is NO WAY I have high blood pressure, right? Wrong!

Want to know one of the things that made last Sunday such a blessing? I, for the first time, was honest with myself, about having high blood pressure … and I did something about it!

· I went to the doctor and got a prescription for my high blood pressure!

· I started to read the food labels, and rediscovered that sodium can be found in more places other than a salt shaker!

· I began cutting back on my meals, to lose … a few pounds!

· I began to live my life as someone who has accepted the fact that he has high blood pressure.