Sermon Illustrations

Let me end with this:

The Plant.

We have this plant in our office. I have it right here this morning in this small clay pot.

It is a small tiny little thing.

And there is this note, taped to a pencil, and the pencil is stuck in the soil.

The note says:

African Violet.

Low Sunlight. Set in water. Please do not pour.

Leaves can’t get wet.

You know this African violet is deader than a doornail.

Obviously, because someone didn’t follow the directions for life,

And the results are not great to look at.

Here we have the Word of God, instructions on the Christian life.

If we don’t follow them….well, you get the picture.

May the Lord Jesus Christ enlighten us through his servant

The Apostle Peter,

As we study his holy Word - Amen.