Sermon Illustrations

"We were on shipboard," relates a captain’s wife, "lying on side from storm in a Southern harbor. We were obliged, first to make our way ashore. The waves were rolling heavily. I became frightened at the thought of attempting it, when one came to me, saying, ’Do not be afraid: I will take care of you.’ "He bore a peculiarly shaped dark-lantern, only one single ray of light being emitted from a small circular opening.

’Now,’ said he, ’take my hand; hold fast, do not fear. Do not look about you, or on either side of you, only on the little spot lighted by my lantern, and place your footsteps firmly right there.’

"I heard the rushing of the waters, and was still conscious of fear; but by looking steadily only where the light fell, and planting my footsteps just there, not turning either to the right or the left, clasping firmly the strong hand, the danger was overcome, and the shore reached in safety."

"The next day my kind guide said, ’Would you like to see the way by which you came last night? Then he showed me where our vessel had been lying, and the very narrow plank by which we had reached the shore. He knew that had I turned either to the right or left I should, in all probability, have lost my balance and gone over into those dark waters; but by holding fast and treading just where the light fell all danger would be averted."

SUM: The storms may rage and angry waves threaten to engulf, but if we keep our eye on Jesus we shall outride the storms, and have an abundant blessing at the end of the storm – something special being prepared for.