Sermon Illustrations

Rev. David E. Cox passed along this observation to his congregation one day. My youngest son, Brandon, is quite the newcomer as an author. No, he does not have the capabilities of writing splendid poetry like Maya Angelou nor leaves his readers in suspense like Stephen L. Carter, but with every story there is a distinct mark of brilliancy. Of course, he probably will not obtain a Nobel Prize in Literature this year because, you see, he is only 8 years old. That’s right - 8 years old! Okay, maybe I’m a little bias since he is my son, but I still think they are brilliant stories. Each story lacks a writer’s flow, but the ending makes up for incomplete styles in writing and grammar. Well, why do I enjoy reading Brandon’s stories? He always ends each adventure on a happy note. Whether it is a dragon being slain by a gallant knight or a firefighter rescuing a terrified girl from a building set ablaze, each story ends with triumph and pure glee. The story leaves the reader with a smile on his or her face. You may ask, what is so brilliant about a child’s story? The brilliancy comes in knowing that we can make the transition "From Fear To Faith". It took faith for the knight to stand up against a dragon and a firefighter to take on the strength of a fire. Yes, whenever we are faced with an overpowering challenge it takes faith to win.