Sermon Illustrations

Ultimately, when your friends close their eyes for the last time here on earth, where will they open their eyes? At a funeral, you usually hear that the deceased is in a better place now. Well, there are two places out there. One is better and one is not. It is what they do with Christ that will determine their eternal destiny. So we want to do all we can to point them to Christ.

If one of your friends died without Christ and you were allowed to visit him in hell…and he asked you, “Why didn’t you tell me?” …what would you say? “I didn’t want to offend you. I was afraid of what you’d think of me. I felt like a hypocrite.” Which answer would make sense or satisfy him in light of what he was experiencing now. I think he would say “why didn’t you take a 2 X 4 and hit me on the head? When we don’t share, it’s usually about us. It’s not about what is best for them. If you love people, then you want the best for them and you will seek to be a positive influence on them for Christ.