3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

This past week I saw an interview on TV with Ted Turner. Turner is about a good an example as you could find of someone who has gained the whole world. As the founder of CNN and many other enterprises, he’s a billionaire with about as much power and influence as any individual can attain in one lifetime.

I wasn’t paying close attention until the interviewer asked Mr. Turner about his Faith. I was surprised to hear him say that he was brought up in a Christian home. He said that as a 17-year-old I understood that if you accept Jesus as your personal savior you go to Heaven … and if you don’t you go to Hell.

Then the interviewer asked him what he now believes. Turner said, my religion is that when you die, you’re just … gone. The interviewer asked if he didn’t believe in Heaven at all and Ted just shrugged and joked If I could go fishing there I’d be for it, but I don’t want to sit on a cloud singing hymns for eternity.

What struck me was that this man who had gained the whole world was not very concerned about eternity. In fact, he was betting his life that when he died, he’d just be gone. If he’s right … he’ll never know it. And if he’s wrong … well that’s something he doesn’t seem to take seriously.

Now, I’m not trying to pick on Ted Turner. His attitude is common. So many people give all kinds of effort and attention to their life here on earth. But when it comes to the next life … they just try not to think about it.