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Kind of reminds me of newspaper headline that read, “Circus Contortionist Gets Foot Stuck On Shoulder.” This was a real AP story that came out of Berkline, Netherlands back in 2001. It seems that a national circus performer --- Mr. Berkine of Kazakhstan --- became trapped in a painful position while rehearsing for a show in Gillingham, England.

In the interview, the 21-year-old contortionist explained, “I think the problem was that I didn’t warm up very well. I just became stuck…”

He went on to say, “It was frightening because at first everyone just ignored me when I shouted for help. When they realized I was serious, they helped me out.”

Now you’ve probably never found yourself in that EXACT position, but if you’re honest, you know that sometimes you get in tangled up in situations that you can’t get out of by yourself. It’s good to have a group of friends around to untangle you!

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