Sermon Illustrations

My son was around six years old and he used to watch the other children riding their bikes. He often asked Daddy when will I get a chance to ride my bike like they do? (speaking of riding without training wheels) I said to him that to ride without training wheel takes some courage, then I asked him did he think he was ready to ride without his training wheels? And his response would always be "no".

Being the father that I was, I wanted to at least prepare him for the next step in riding his bike, because I didn’t want him to be the only ten year old still riding with training wheel. So I took one of the training wheels off and I instructed him to lean opposite of that wheel for balance. After a week or so he got the hang of that. Then I asked him was he ready for me to take the other one off. and to my delight he said "yes". So With the training wheels off, I told him that I would hold the seat and hold him while he rode his bike. The process was wobbly at best, but he kept on trying. Soon he started to get relaxed because he knew that his dad was keeping him from falling. Three days later his confidence was getting better, and I would run along side of him holding the seat and letting him know that daddy was still there and he would ride along just like he had seen the bigger boys. Then one day while riding I let go of the seat, and just ran along with him. Unknowing to him that he was riding all by himself.

This illustrated story taught me an important principle of Christianity. It showed me how the Lord teaches us to live this Christian life, but not like me, I let my son go at in alone, but the Lord will stay with us the remainer of our days. He would make sure that we would never go anywhere or do anything alone because He gave us His Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us through every situation.