Sermon Illustrations

Mary and I love animals. We have a little Chihuahua named Duke. When he’s hungry, we feed him; when he’s cold, we warm him; and when he’s scared, we comfort him.

He knows it, and constantly searches for us. If we leave him for any period of time, he cries for us, and when we return he stops whatever he’s doing to come running up to us to be held and comforted. He’s content to be held in our arms or our laps all day long if we’d let him. We love Duke, and he looks to us for everything in his life: food, water, shelter, comfort.

Sometimes I think God wants us to be a little more canine in our devotion to him.

You see, we have a God who’ll do the same thing for us if we would just look to Him as our first resource instead of as our last resort. And even when we look to him as our last resort, he still welcomes us.