6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Heaven Bound

Walking through the storms of life

Facing all the strife

I realize that I am all alone

Facing the lighting and the crash of thunder

Oh How I wonder

Is there no hope of me ever going home

I was walking through the storm all alone.

Fear and despair all around

No hope could be found

And then a light within the storm did I see

Jesus Christ had come for me.

No longer am I alone

Now He faces my storms and I follow along

Now I walk on water for all to see

He has raised me above those sinking seas

Satan no longer has any control over me

Jesus has saved me and set me free

Hope has now been found

And now I am Heaven Bound

Thank you Jesus for setting me free

Thank you Jesus for saving a wretch like me.

Now I see eternity

Now I realize Heaven is for me

Thank you Jesus for saving me.

And even though my home is now far far away

And this old body is made of clay

I pray that my life will sway

At least just one to come this way.

Poem written by Rev. David Rogers 1/16/2007