Sermon Illustrations

A faithful Christian man was DYING. His wife and son and daughter, who were all devout Christians, came to his bedside. He HUGGED them and said, “Good night, I’ll MEET you in a BETTER PLACE.”

He had another son, however, who never OBEYED the GOSPEL. He was a GOOD BOY, but he just never saw the NEED to turn his LIFE over to Christ and be BAPTIZED into Him. While giving him a HUG his father said very SADLY, “GOOD-BYE, MY SON, GOOD-BYE.” Having TOUCHED the young man’s heart he said, “Dad, you said GOOD NIGHT to Mom and my brother and sister, but to me you said ‘GOOD-BYE.’ Why is that?”

The dying man said, “Son, your mother, brother, and sister are Christians, and I know that one day we’re going to be TOGETHER again in HEAVEN. So to them I said, ‘GOOD NIGHT.’ But you know that as much as I’ve PRAYED for you and PLEADED with you to OBEY the Gospel, you never have. I will never SEE you again, and as much as it BREAKS my HEART all I can say is ‘GOOD-BYE.’”

With TEARS welling up in his eyes the young man said, “Dad, don’t say GOOD-BYE, yet. Don’t GO ANYWHERE--don’t DIE. I’ll be back.” He quickly ran out of the ROOM and drove to the CHURCH BUILDING where his PARENTS were MEMBERS—the very same CHURCH he GREW UP in but NOW seldom ATTENDED. He told the PREACHER that he was ready to give his LIFE to Jesus.

The PREACHER took his...

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