Sermon Illustrations

This is not the only time the Philippian Brethren saw Paul in JAIL and having his JOY TESTED by DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCE - Acts 16:22-25

What if we had the opportunity to INTERVIEW Paul while he was in this DUNGEON, what do you think he would tell us?

Paul and Silas, are you in there? “Yes, we’re in here!” What have they done to you? “Well, we have been STRIPPED and severely BEATEN. At the moment we are extremely UNCOMFORTABLE because we are placed in STOCKS.”

Paul, we just want you do know that we are so sorry to hear about what you and Silas are going through. We’re over here at Rossville praying for you because you must be DISCOURAGED and BITTER, and feel all ALONE. We can only imagine how BAD you two must feel.

“Yes, it has been TOUGH, but we know God still LOVES us. In fact, Silas has just suggested that we sing a couple of verses from ‘Count Your Many Blessings.’ Then we’re going to sing: ‘Rejoice in the Lord, Always’ and ‘Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart.’ It’s tough, but we still have reason to REJOICE.”

(Illustration by Marvin Phillips)