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Interestingly, STRESS is produced by not only NEGATIVE experiences, but also by POSITIVE ones.

It was for this reason that Donna Parker HESITATED telling her husband about him WINNING the Reader’s Digest Association Sweepstakes. She was ECSTATIC when she got the CALL INFORMING her that a certified CHECK for $4,000,000.00 would be ARRIVING in a few DAYS.

All of their DREAMS would finally come TRUE. Mike, her husband, was RECOVERING from a MASSIVE HEART ATTACK, and the doctor said no EXCITEMENT about anything. Winning the MONEY was such GREAT NEWS, but Donna didn’t think that her husband’s HEART would take all of the STRESS. So she decided to call their PREACHER and ask his ADVICE because he had some EXPERIENCE in breaking STRESSFUL NEWS to FAMILIES.

She told the PREACHER about them WINNING the SWEEPSTAKES, and how she was AFRAID that if she told Mike he would get so EXCITED and have another HEART ATTACK and DROP DEAD. The PREACHER said that he thought he could HELP.

So in about an HOUR, the preacher ARRIVED and went into the DEN where Mike was watching television. They had a nice CHAT for a few minutes. Then the PREACHER leaned over and said, “Mike, I’ve got a PROBLEM and need your ADVICE.” “Sure, if I can HELP, I’ll be

glad to,” Mike said....

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