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I drive a lot on Interstate 5 and can relate to the story of a highway patrol officer who was on I-5 late one night, when the road was almost clear, except for one car in the fast lane, barely moving, an accident waiting to happen. The car was crawling along when the trooper pulled it over, and he noticed a short, elderly gentleman driving.

He asked the driver why he was going so slowly, and the man pointed to the blue sign on the side of the road and said, “It says 5.”

The officer shook his head and explained that “5” is the number of the highway and not the speed limit, and then he happened to glance in the back seat and saw two terrified-looking passengers, eyes bulging out, clenching the seats in front of them.

He asked them, “Are you OK? What happened?”

They replied, “WE JUST GOT OFF THE 1-0-1”!

So correct interpretation of signs is important. And we also see that not every sign is a warning. Some signs are meant to guide us along the road of life.

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