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Jesus also provides a warning sign in Mark, saying to watch out for false prophets who will try to fool even the faithful. So we’re keeping a sharp eye out for guys dressed like Jesus telling us when the world will end.

But most false prophets and false messiahs don’t work like that. In fact, most of them don’t even mention God specifically; they just offer to show us the stuff that God doesn’t want to tell us. Astrology is one that is pretty common.

This pseudoscience declares that our lives, personalities, desires, are affected and even caused by the gravitational effects of various stars, planets, and moons. It sounds plausible at first, until you really think about it.

According to Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, all objects that have mass are attracted to each other. Mass is the measure of what an object is made. The greater an object’s mass, the greater its gravitational force.

The earth has a strong attracting force for objects with smaller mass (including the moon), and the sun has an attracting force on the earth and other planets in our solar system.

Distance is important also. A baseball dropped from your hand will hit the ground. The moon, which is about 240,000 miles away, still hasn’t gotten any closer over the years.

So, since all objects exert some gravitational force on each other, and closeness to each other increases the effect, your mother’s choice of a fat or thin obstetrician during your birth has more effect on your personality than whether the moons of Neptune are in the seventh house or not.

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