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Mrs. Thomas works for an "ear doctor". She told us about one man who she had called to advise that his hearing aid had come in. The man was so happy, he jubilantly thanked Mrs. Thomas, saying, Oh thank you, I appreciate that...I love you, bye.

Later that day the man’s wife called Mrs. Thomas to explain the rest of the story. Her husband had been anticipating that hearing aid for so long, he was so happy to get the phone call from Mrs. Thomas. Hearing the good news, he had absent-mindedly fallen into his pattern of conversation reserved for his loved ones, wife, daughters and sons. His I love you only registered after he had hung-up the phone.

He was so embarrassed, he told his wife, I can’t go down there and face that woman (Mrs. Thomas), What am I gonna do?

Well, the man’s wife knew -- she convinced him to go down there. She told him, Go right at the time of your appointment -- maybe she won’t notice you.

Then, secretly, his wife arranged for Mrs. Thomas to have a long stemmed red rose (the lover’s choice) ready.

When the man slipped into the doctor’s office, he silently, cautiously approached the desk. He asked a busy Mrs. Thomas, Do you have my hearing aid? She looked up, smiled and handed him his hearing aid...and, a...

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