Sermon Illustrations

A story is told of a father and son driving down a lonely road as a blinding snow storm begins to fall, unable to see the father pulls to the side of the road there he sees off in the distance the lights of a farmhouse. The warm feeling of seeing the beacon of hope in the distance is overcome by the realization of the task to be accomplished, so he turns to his son and says, “there’s no use going on and we need to cross the field to the house lying just beyond the field and I’m afraid the snows getting deep and I can’t carry you…” The man’s young son takes his fathers hand and proclaims with a smile, “It will be okay daddy, if I can just walk in your footsteps, I’ll find my way.”

Step by step they make their way to the farmhouse finding help, and warmth within. As his son drank hot chocolate at the table of...

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