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Years ago, there was a great preacher in our brotherhood named Owen Crouch. He was a man who had been highly regarded, but he now was retired on limited income. So he was delighted when some businessmen approached him who said wanted him to be part of their company. Because of his sterling reputation, they wanted him to be their treasurer. He was given a decent salary to sign the company’s paperwork and make out its checks. However, the company turned out to be a fraud. The business men were dishonest. When the officers of the company were taken to court the only man whose name was on the paperwork was… you guessed it – his. He went to jail. And he hadn’t done anything wrong.

How would you have responded to that situation? It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right.

But Mr. Crouch didn’t think about it that way. He saw it as an opportunity to serve the Jesus he loved....

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