Sermon Illustrations

. The Yangtze River bridge, a national landmark in China, is always crowded with traffic including thousands of pedestrians. Because of its busyness, it is a favored spot for people who wish to commit suicide. Since its opening in 1968, over 1000 people have jumped to their deaths into the river 100 yards below.

In 2003, a man named Chen decided to do something about the problem. Every weekend he comes to the bridge looking for Jumpers. So far, he has rescued 42 people. Some he has talked down, others he has wrestled to the ground. 5 people have slipped from his grip during that time and have met their demise. Chen says, “If I save one person, one is a lot!”

Asked how he can identify potential jumpers from the sea of people, Chen answers, "It is very easy to recognize. A person who walks without spirit." Chen has gained some attention in the press and now several college students help him patrol the bridge, as do a few people whom he has saved from jumping. "We have to teach people to love life and treasure life," Chen says.

As the church of Jesus, we need to be like Chen…snatching people from eternal hell at any cost.