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Sin is the excrement of our soul. I’m not trying to be gross, but as much as our physical excrement may disgust us, our spiritual excrement disgusts God even more.

We sin every day, even when we try our best not to do so. We sin less than we did before, and when we let Jesus into our lives, we recognize our sins for what they are, but still we sin and in so doing, we soil our soul. If we don’t excrete our sins from our souls, sin just continues to build up, and our spiritual life deteriorates until we finally reject God and any hope for life with him.

Our kidneys process the poisons that accumulate in our bodies, and eliminate them. Without that process, we poison ourselves. Humans die from kidney failure every day. The poisons in our bodies can’t be processed out, and those poisons eventually backup into our bloodstream and kill us.

The Center for Disease Control states that nearly 17 percent of adults in the United States aged 20 and older have kidney disease. That rises to 40 percent for Americans over age 60.

Each year kidney failure sends about 400,000 Americans into treatment.

Most of those people had no idea that they had a kidney problem, that their bodies were slowly killing them by not excreting the poisons that were building up inside.

When doctors told them about the problem, most of them accepted their doctor’s advice, and the required treatment. They want to live, so they follow the treatment plan, and continue living.

Many of those same people, as well as the rest of us, are told through the Bible, our pastors, or even our own...

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