6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Larry Christenson in The Christian Family:

"A child’s relationship to Jesus thrives in direct relation to the obedience which he gives to his parents. An obedient child is therefore a happy child. The child who knows exactly how far he can go is relieved of a heavy burden.

"A child may test his parents’ authority, to see how far he can go. But deep down he wants to know that the parents’ authority will stand firm, that he can depend upon it. A child may strain at parental authority, but he will rebel even more against a lack of parental authority.

"Every parent has become exasperated and burst out, ’You’re just asking for a spanking!’ If only the parent realized how literally true that is. The child’s discontent is related to disobedience; he is too young and weak to command this obedience himself, but must look to his parents for it.

"Every child will know a deep contentment of spirit when he is helped to walk in the ways of obedience. For this is the focus and expression of his relationship with Jesus. The obedient child is living according to Divine Order."