Sermon Illustrations

In October 1947, there was a geologist by the name of Dr. John Williamson who was doing some work in the country of Tanzania. One day, he found himself driving in a deserted area, slipping and sliding along a rain-soaked road. Suddenly his four-wheel drive vehicle sank up to its axles in the mud and got stuck.

Pulling out his shovel, Dr. Williamson began the unpleasant task of digging out of a mud hole. He had been at it for a while when his shovel uncovered something strange. It was a pink-like stone of some sort. Being a geologist and naturally curious about rock formations, he picked it up and wiped away the mud. The more mud he removed, the more excited he became, and could hardly believe what he saw. When the stone was finally clean, Dr. Williamson was beside himself with joy. He had discovered a diamond.

Now, any diamond at all would be a surprise in that situation. But Dr. Williamson found what became known as the famous pink diamond of Tanzania worth MILLIONS of dollars. That stone today sits in the ROYAL SCEPTER of Great Britain, and Dr. Williamson is famous around the world for his find -- as accidental as it may have been.

Regardless of how PRECIOUS that DIAMOND is, as Christians we have a TREASURE that is far more VALUABLE. Our treasure in Christ