Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series
Sermon Illustrations

One of the modern day heroes of faith is George Mueller. George Mueller started many orphanages without raising the funds to do so. He simply trusted God to do the work and keep it going. On more than one occasion God provided for those orphans in a miraculous way. On one occasion they had no food to feed the orphans and yet George gathered all the orphans around the table and began to thank the Lord for the food. At the end of the prayer, he said, “Amen”, and that’s when they heard a knock at the door. A truck with milk and food had broken down just down the road and all the food was going to spoil so the driver gave it to the orphans. All because George Mueller believed that God would take care of His children.

Do we have that kind of faith, where we can take all of our problems and trust the Lord to take care of them?