Sermon Illustrations

This syndrome also reminds me of when we had our first child. We’re in the delivery room in Northside Hospital in Atlanta, while my parents and her parents are in the waiting room getting minute-by-minute updates form me! In fact, I recall running out there telling everyone it was a girl because as the head started showing, there was hair. And men in my family just don’t have hair. I no sooner came back to the delivery room and watched Brett unfold into life and had to go back and correct the newswires – it was a boy. A real, live son!

Just as I could hardly believe I actually had a son (when I saw him it affirmed what I knew I had believed all along), and just as we could hardly believe that we were really getting married to one another (the ring sure helped affirm Julie’s belief that I wasn’t kidding), so the disciples were filled with such joy and amazement that it took a physical, visible sign to show them that what they thought was too good to be true was exactly that – really true! That’s...

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