6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

But how can it be, as Christians claim, that the Bible has one Author but many writers?

It’s helpful to see it like this. Maybe you’ve been watching the series on the ABC called, “Constructing Australia.” Last week’s episode was all about the construction of the Kalgoorlie pipeline which carries water 500 kms from Mundaring to Kalgoorlie.

Who made that pipeline? It was C.Y. O’Conner right?

Wrong! C.Y. O’Conner never lifted a spanner or turned a shovel of dirt in the entire construction of the Kalgoorlie pipeline. But history records that that pipeline was built by C.Y. O’Conner. We know, of course, that that pipeline was built by teams of men - - mostly concrete form-workers who first built the Mundaring Weir - - and then steel-workers who fashioned the pipe and then laid it from Mundaring to Kalgoorlie.

But in the history books O’Conner did it all. He planned it, he inspired it, and he supervised its construction.

Likewise the Bible was penned by the hands of many writers - - but its author, the One who planned it, inspired it and oversaw its construction, was God.