Sermon Illustrations

The second story, the one from my sophomore year, also came at the end of a semester. One of my friends who we call J-Mac had left a half gallon of 2% milk in his fridge for the entire semester/possibly the whole school year (he couldn’t remember). It was so spoiled that the bottle was bloated to the point of breaking. Well, I had come into the room to see this amazing sight, and when I picked up the half-gallon to examine it, it began to burst. A small leak in the top quarter began to spray a barely visible stream of spoiled milk all over me and their dorm room. In a moment of panic, my friend Alex and I went tearing down the hallway to the nearest window that was over some grass. We made it to the stairwell’s window and as soon as possible threw the container out the window into the grass on the side of the parking lot. When it hit bottom the bottle burst, releasing a mixture that looked like cottage cheese, spoiled milk, and cream cheese. Unfortunately it burst near enough to someone’s car that it defiled their tires and lower door panel. All this because my friend left the milk sit for too long.