Sermon Illustrations

Consider Adam and Eve’s situation in the garden before the fall. So far everything’s perfect. The earth and the inhabitants of that earth have the perfect environment, the perfect provision, the perfect jobs to do, the perfect companionship everything is flawless. So what is going to come along and mess all that up? Oh, the freedom of Choice! Why do we have to have the freedom to choose?

It’s a little like the show “Deal or No Deal” with this one twist. The TV show has about 26 suitcases and the contestant must choose the one they think is worth a million dollars and figure out whether to keep it or “deal it away” for a certain amount of cash. In the garden of Eden all the suitcases except one were winners. And God even went so far as to name the loosing choice. Eat from any tree in the garden except the one in the midst of the garden. If you eat of that tree you will surely die. What a deal!...

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