6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

The wife God made for Adam:

God could have been jealous and desired that Adam would only relate to Him, but he lovingly realized that Adam was incomplete by himself. His aloneness was short of perfection, so God formed a special partner to compliment and complete Adam. God did not make a carbon copy of Adam, but a person unlike Adam to fill in the gaps and provide strengths were Adam was weak, to give him someone to care for and care about. She was everything he couldn’t be and brought to the forefront everything he needed to become. She was gentle to offset his roughness. She was a multi-tasker, to offset his narrowly focused mind. She had different opinions than his and sometimes she was even right. She had a stronger aesthetic sense than he had, stronger intuition, stronger ability to nurture, stronger nest-building instincts, Oh, the perfect mother she would make. God, in love had provided himself as loving creator, and had provided a helpmate to complete Adam and make him all he could ever become.