6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Genesis 37: God knew Joseph needed a Pit Stop if his dreams were ever going to become reality.

It makes me think of a young couple who had life going along just like they’d Dreamed. They were happily married with 2 good jobs and 2 healthy little children. Then --- unexpectedly of course --- they had a major Pit Stop. The mom had a serious car wreck. She ended up with a severely broken leg that caused her to have her leg in a kind of a therapy-machine for months.

Suddenly everything changed. She lost her job, so money was tight. Her husband had to do most of the housework and take care of the kids because she couldn’t get around. And they had to rely on other people to help out when he was at work. But they looked back on that hard time as a BLESSING. Why? Because they WOKE UP from a kind of “auto-pilot” they’d been on.

They realized that they were headed the wrong way … focusing too much on their careers and not enough on their marriage and their children. Dad realized that he needed to spend more time with his kids and take more part in the home life. When the people in their Church helped them out, they both realized how important their Church Family was to them. The Pit Stop ended up sending them on down the right road, better prepared for what might come around the next bend.