Sermon Illustrations

Max Lucado in his book Life Lessons from the Book of Romans writes this in the introduction:

At the moment I don’t feel too smart. I just got off the wrong plane that took me to the wrong city and left me at the wrong airport. I went east instead of west and ended up in Houston instead of Denver. It didn’t look like the wrong plane, but it was. I walked through the wrong gate, dozed off on the wrong flight, and ended up in the wrong place. Paul says we’ve all done the same thing. Not with airplanes and airports, but with our lives and God. He tells the Roman readers, ‘There is no one who always does what is right, not even one’ (3:10). ‘All have sinned and are not good enough for God’s glory…’(3:23). We are all on the wrong plane, he says. All of us. Gentile and Jew. Every person has taken the wrong turn. And we need help” (page 9).