Sermon Illustrations

The city told us they were going to bury the lines in the front of the first church I pastored. But, they said they would redo anything they damaged in front. They tore up most of the landscaping in front.

Finally came the time to replace what had been destroyed. Trucks filled with granite rock came delivering. The man driving the truck eventually told me what happened each time he delivered another load.

He told me each time he came a little voice said, "Isn’t this a nice church". Load after load he received the same message. About 5-6 weeks after the job was complete he came and told me who he was. That same Sunday he received Christ as Lord.

He went home to tell his wife what had happened and she would not believe him. He had mistreated them for years but he seemed to be different. She knew who he was! How could he be different?

After several weeks of watching his wife came and again, on the first Sunday there she accepted Christ as Lord. It happened to each child until all were involved in the Christ like life.

Many times your family is the last to believe a change in you or know who you really are. They are also the last to see you as you have been.

Don Jones