Sermon Illustrations

A tax accountant told our son about a guy who wanted to declare the loss of his Lincoln Navigator SUV on his tax return. The accountant told the man that insurance usually takes care of things like that and wondered what happened.

Here is the story. In the winter some guys decided to go fishing on the lake. It was frozen, so they parked the SUV at the edge of the lake and instead of going out on the ice to make a hole, they lit a stick of dynamite with a long-burning fuse and threw it out to break the ice open.

• Unfortunately, the dog thought it was a stick and went out after it.

• Fortunately, the dog retrieved it in record time and started back.

• Unfortunately, when they yelled at the dog to drop it, the dog ran under the SUV with the stick of dynamite in its mouth.

• Fortunately, the dog got burned on the muffler, came out from under...

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