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An official of a Mission Board, who knew that it takes more than desire to make a missionary, was appointed to examine a candidate. He told the young man to come to his house at 6 in the morning. The young man went at 6 in the morning to be examined, and the examiner kept him sitting in the room until ten. Then he went down to him and said abruptly, “Can you spell? Can you spell God?” “Yes, sir,” came the answer calmly. “Can you write your name? Do you know what your name is?” “Yes, sir,” again he replied. He put him through a series of questions of that kind, and then went to the Missionary Board and said, “He will do. I tried his patience for four hours, and he did not break down: I then insulted him, and he did not lose his temper. He will do.” That is the way to prove Christianity. If a man answers all abuses with patience, a fortitude, a gentleness that...

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    Contributed by Chuck Sligh on Apr 20, 2011
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    We put so much emphasis on DOING things for the Lord. But God is not just concerned about what we are DOING for Him, but what we are BEING for Him. Here are 5 things we should BE as believers.

  • We Who Are Strong Series

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    If we claim to be strong in the faith or know that we are strong or maybe stronger than some others, what should we do? 1- We should bear with the failings of the weak 2- We should please our neighbor for his good 3- We should accept one another

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    Our New Life in Christ: What’s it all about? 1. Right living (vs. 1-6). 2. Regular praying (vs. 7). 3. Rich loving (vs. 8). 4. Rich giving (vs. 9-10). 5. Radiant serving (vs. 11).

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    We are taught here in John that we know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brethren. Love of the brethren is a proof of sonship. People with a heart for God have a heart for people.

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