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Too many times I have played the part of Humpty Dumpty as I stayed on the wall, walked the fence between serving God and the Devil. Just like old “Humpty”, I fell off of the wall too. All my “king’s horses” of personal accomplishments, education, abilities and reasoning could not repair the damage to my life, and all my “king’s men” of self-righteousness and self-determination could not repair the damage to my spiritual life.

Thank God, what I could not do and what no Psychologist or Psychiatrist could do, what no human counselor could do, Jehovah-Nissi can do! He can take my scrambled egg and shattered eggshell of a life and put it all back together again and make it even better than before! His banner over me is Love and His love is powerful enough to go to the Cross and die for me that my ignorance and sin can be forgiven and washed away in His precious blood.

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