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ILL. Kay Arthur has become a well-known Christian author & speaker who has influenced tens of thousands for Jesus. Her testimony is written in her book, "Lord, I Need Your Grace Because I Can’t Make It On My Own." In it she talks about her life & her struggles in coming to Christ. As a young girl she went to church. She wrote, "I would listen to the messages, & go to Sunday School, but I never really committed my life to Jesus."

She grew up & got married, & then found out that her husband suffered from a mental disorder. They had two children, but the marriage was always in trouble. Her husband was constantly causing problems, so finally, she left him. Time after time he called & pleaded with her to come back, but she refused. Finally, he threatened suicide, & she told him, "Go ahead, I need the money." And he did.

In her remorse, Kay Arthur says that she can remember driving from the funeral, shaking her fist in anger at God & saying, "Go to hell, God." Then she writes, "It was like someone flipped a switch. I suddenly realized that was exactly what God did. He went to hell for me, that I might go to heaven with Him."

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