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ILL. Chuck Swindoll tells about a couple who went into a crowded fried chicken franchise & ordered a picnic box to go. In the rush of business a clerk accidentally handed them the picnic box in which the manager had hidden the deposit he was about to take to the bank. Fearful of being robbed, he had camouflaged the deposit.

The man paid his bill, took the picnic box, & they drove away. But when they got to the park & opened it, they discovered it was full of money. And they knew that a big mistake had been made. Now for many people that would be a great temptation. But this couple got back in the car, returned to the restaurant, & gave the money back.

Well, you can imagine how happy the manager was to see them! In fact, he was so grateful that he told the man, “Stick around, I want to call the newspaper & have them take your picture. You’re the most honest man in town.”

Oh no, don’t do that!” he said. “Why not?” asked the manager. “Well,” he said, “you see, I’m married, & the woman I’m with is not my wife.”

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