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Paul Krause was recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. He played sixteen years and had eighty-one career interceptions as a safety with the Minnesota Vikings. However, his greatest challenge in life did not occur on a football field but in his response to the automobile accident his wife of thirty-five years suffered on October 5, 1995. Pam Krause was in a coma for five years after suffering a brain stem injury and several broken bones on the left side of her body, including facial bones, ribs, pelvis, and vertebrae.

Former Vikings teammate Wally Hilgenburg recently said, "I have gained so much more respect and admiration for Paul over the past two years for what Paul has done as a husband, father, and provider for Pam. He has proven himself a true Hall of Famer based on how he has handled everything." Krause credits his strength to his faith...

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