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One day some manure came out from a prize bull - landing right in the middle of the walkway. It thought to itself, “I’m going to rise above the rest of this dung. I’m not going to live in the gutter - I’m going to be great and famous. That same day, a farmer’s hat fell off on top of the manure. The manure felt pretty good about itself. It said, “look at me, look at me everyone.” Then the flies started buzzing around him, and he said, “see, I’m starting to become famous.” This lasted for about one day, and excitedly, the manure saw the farmers son come walking toward him. He thought, “this is my big chance at fame.” He made sure to omit his best odor and look his best. Very gently the farmer’s son took his hat off of him, looked at him and said, “you stink!” He then proceeded to scoop the manure up and put him in the spreader with the rest of the manure. The manure then realized, no matter how he dressed himself up, he still stunk.

Apply that to yourself. No matter how good you think you are, God says you still stink. You still are not holy. It debunks the common myth today that “normal people go to heaven.”

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