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New York events.

It was the day of the tragic events in America when the New York twin towers and the Pentegon had suffered such terrible attack.

That night I took the church annual meeting - He came into the meeting late.

He was stooped and grey yet young for his eighty five years.

The former bomber pilot from world war two sat at the back as the young people prayed and questioned and cajoeled and expressed there opinion .

He’d flown a bomber plane over Dresden again and again in world war two and then had came to America and had married a girl from Chicago settling here in our rural paridise.

But the echo of those days still rang in his mind.

Over supper I talked to him and asked - given what has happenned what would you preach on this Sunday?

Without hesitation he looked up focused still with the steedy yet compassionate eyes of a Bomber pilot.

"Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

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