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We have a clear glass dining table in a condo that our family uses during the various holidays. One of the favorite pasttimes of our family is to begin a puzzle and complete it during our stay. The glass table is our favorite place to put a puzzle together.

One afternoon after playing a round of golf, my father-in-law and I came in to discover my wife lying on the floor under the table. I saw her coach her mother as to where the puzzle piece should go. I asked her why she was on the floor, and she said it was

easier to determine where a difficult piece of the puzzle should be placed from the backside, because it was not as confusing looking at all of the colors and objects on the front side. It reminded me again, that life sure gets confusing on this side. We can’t

always see where the pieces of life’s puzzle fit in. Tradgedy, Loss, Heartbreak, and sorrow just don’t seem to fit, but if...

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