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There was a young man named David who killed six innocent people in New York. He was finally caught and sent to prison for life.

One day a fellow inmate began to tell David that God loved him, and was ready to forgive him for all his sins, even the murders he had committed.

It took a while, but David did ask Jesus to forgive him of his sins, make him a new person, and give him a place in heaven. And because the Bible promises that, David has become a righteous person, loving God with all his heart, and telling other inmates about the love of Jesus.

David’s full name is David Berkowitz, and he was known as the Son of Sam killer. Maybe some of you remember him.

And even though he was a murderer, God has delivered him from his troubles because God made him a righteous person.

He is still in prison, and always will be, but he tells people that even in prison, he is a happy person because of how God worked in his life.

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