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The story is told of a family who lost a 7-year-old son. They experienced all the dynamics of grief as they dealt with the different stages, listening to the counselors & the experts, trying to do everything exactly as it is supposed to be done. And they felt that they were dealing with their grief in a fairly successful way.

Until Christmas came & it was time to put up the Christmas tree. When the family gathered to put up the tree & start hanging ornaments on its limbs, the mother realized that some of the ornaments had been made by their son who was now gone.

So as she was putting up those ornaments her tears began to flow. Their older son, whose name was Jim, all of 10 years old came to her & put his arm around her & said, "Mom, you miss Dougie, don’t you?" She answered, "Oh yes, I miss him more than you’ll ever know."

He said, "Well, mom, Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, isn’t it?" She answered, "Yes, that’s right, Jim. It is." "And Dougie has gone to be with Jesus, hasn’t he?" "Yes, that’s right," she said. "He’s gone to be with Jesus."

"Then that must mean," he said, "that Dougie is having more fun than we are." Mom said, "I guess that’s right. He’s having more fun than we are."

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