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True Confession and Repentance:

True confession is not the mere mental assent that we

have done wrong, for even a thief will admit he’s done

wrong in the bragging of his accomplishments. No,

confession means seeing and agreeing with God how our

sins have harmed us and others. It is pouring out our

shame and deep sorrow to the Lord over our misdeeds.

It is repenting of our evil ways, turning around and

doing what’s right and good, and it’s seeking

reconciliation with others and our God.

This is repentance the leads to life, whereas the

thief’s boasting leads only to further alienation

from God. As the Bible says, “Godly sorrow brings

repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no

regret, but worldly sorrow brings death”

(1Corinthians 7.10).

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