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A few years back the movie the Titanic came out. It was a box office smash. People seemed once again fascinated by this tragedy at sea. About 1,500 people lost their lives in this ship wreck tragedy. This great ship was said by the media to be:

“Unsinkable” – even God himself could not sink her said one paper of the day!

The Titanic was called the ship of dreams.

The Titanic was considered to be the best technological ship in the world.

She boasted of being the fastest passenger liner in the sea.

So how did she sink?

An arrogant leadership ran her full steam 20.5 knots (24 miles per hour) through an ice burg filled sea thinking that nothing could hurt her. They ignored warnings from other ships and continued at full speed. They wanted to break a record for crossing the ocean in a large luxurious ship for her owners the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company – popularly known as the "White Star" line. Her full name (RMS) Titanic means Royal Mail Ship Titanic. She not only carried passengers but she also carried mail for the states and for Great Britain. They were racing at a frantic speed to show the world how quick and luxurious she was. She hit an ice berg and 1,500 people lost their lives. If you study why this ship sank 3 reasons surface quickly from the Movie and from History’s investigation:

1. Pride and arrogance – of the company leaders and the officers on board.

2. The attitude of discontentment had set into many involved with the ship.

a. The liner’s company wanted to boast of having one of the fastest...

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