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I believe that a picture of Jesus’ birth has been painted throughout the years of a quiet and calm night in which everything was still and hushed. I don’t think so.

Let’s think about if for a moment. What if every man in this country had to go back to his hometown on January 31, 2010 and register himself and his household in person for the next US census? What would the roads, rail lines, and skies of this country look like? Get the picture?

It was a madhouse that night. People were everywhere all looking for the same thing - a place to stay. But there was no room in the inn.

Have you ever seen pictures of the streets of ancient Israelite cities? They make our streets here in Kendallville look like boulevards!

They are narrow, they are crooked, and they are crowded. People, animals, and merchandise are stuffed into them much like, dare I say it, parking lots, malls, and shopping centers.

In the midst of this chaotic mess is an innkeeper who has done battle with numerous Bethlehem natives all trying to get in, get registered, and get out in a day or two. Just about the time things seem to slow...

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