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Divorced life is not being there when your little girl

is crying from a bad dream and wants her daddy but

you’re not there because that night was not your

parenting night. (And you won’t even know she had a

bad dream because no one will tell you.)

Divorced life is not having any idea what your children

are doing right now because they are at their mom’s.

Divorced life is waking up at 10am on Christmas morning

because your children were not there to wake you up

early because this year they are spending Christmas

morning at mom’s and you will not see them until noon.

Divorced life is sitting having dinner at a table of

four but only having one place setting.

Divorced life is saying to yourself why..oh,why did I

not say "I"m sorry" or "I forgive you" when God asked

me but instead I allowed my fear or pride to get in the

way and chose my own way.

Divorced life is saying "Can we have a second chance?"

and there is no one to hear you.

Divorced life is watching your children drive off in

mom’s car and knowing that you will...

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