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Here is the difference between cowardice and heroism. The coward runs away and stays away. The hero occasionally runs away but he always returns at the appropriate time.

I have a biography of General Douglas MacArthur that was written by Bob

Considine. The picture on the front cover shows the general standing like a

boulder, looking off into the distance, with that famous corncob pipe in his

mouth. You can almost hear him telling the people of the Philippines, "I

came through and I shall return." Ordered to make a strategic withdrawal,

his promise to return became the rallying cry for a whole country. MacArthur

had to "run away" for a while, but he would "return" - and it was the

returning that mattered most.

Jesus ran away into Egypt, but he returned!

All of our running away, as Christians, should be with the ultimate goal of


Why do we run away? When I look at my own experience, I find that I usually

run away for one of three reasons: I am frightened ; I am fatigued; or I am

frustrated. Isn’t that why you run away too?

John Thomas Randolph, The Best Gift, "Running Away and Returning," CSS,

1983, p. 41.

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