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[Holy Spirit Amplifies Witness, Citation: Jeffrey Arthurs, Portland, Oregon; source: "All Things Considered," National Public Radio (7-30-00)]

The sound of the gavel opening the Republican National Convention on July 31, 2000 was not really the sound of the gavel.

When doing sound tests, the audio engineer for the convention discovered that the noise the gavel actually made was not impressive enough to fill the huge hall in Philadelphia, so he pre-recorded an "ideal gavel sound" that was played over the loudspeakers when the moderator struck the desk with the stand-in gavel.

The gavel served as a switch to trigger an "electronically reproduced gavel pulse."

Our gavel, our witness for Christ, is not loud enough either. We need the Holy Spirit to be our Loudspeaker. We need to let God's power come into our lives and make us a gavel, a witness, that is only worthy because of what God has done in our lives.

(adapted by SermonCentral staff.)

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