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When I think of risk, I think of the story of Lucinda Williams who was a Missouri woman who moved to Dallas back in the mid-1800’s. When she moved to Dallas, she asked her landlady if there was a Baptist church in town. The landlady said there was no Baptist church in town and she hoped there never would be. That day, Williams decided that if she were going to live there, she would attend a Baptist church. She learned that on three other occasions, people had tried to start a Baptist church. All three times, they had failed. She continued to run into opposition. But she was determined to take a risk.

Finally, On July 20, 1868, she and her husband, seven other women, and two other men organized a Baptist church. During the first few years, it looked as if they wouldn’t survive. They had no building; they had no money, they had little support. But Lucinda continued. She formed the church’s Sunday School. She began a mission society through the church. Five years after they began, she convinced the women...

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